ZX Training Vessel (MM-710)

An admiralty is a formation that plays an aministrative role, and controls multiple fleets and is charge of all ZX naval vessels on Earth. Admiralties are never used for a singular engagements, as a battle fleet is usually the largest naval formation that will handle these kinds of things.


An admiralty will contain whatever fleets are in its area of command, which is the entire Earth in this case. the admirality is led by a fleet admiral, which is the equivalent of an OF-10 rank. Usually, OF-10 ranks in the ZX Clan are wartime only ranks, like field marshals or air force chief marshals, although they are not in the navy. There is, however, technically a set amount of fleet admirals allowed, which control th ZX Naval Admiralty, and the commander in chief, making a total of two fleet admirals. Usually, the commander of the admiralty will be stationed on shore, unlike all units from a flotilla to a fleet, where the commander will command the formation from aboard a flagship.


Admiralties are in charge of oceans, which contain multiple fleets. There are only three admiralties in the navy, which are named after the oceans that they operate in. There is the Atlantic Admiralty, which operates in the Atlantic and Western Arctic Oceans, the Pacific Admiralty, which operates in the Pacific and Eastern Arctic Oceans, and the Southern Admiralty, which operates in the Indian and Southern Ocean.

Marine Corps CompanyEdit

Onboard ships, there will usually be a marine company for security and anti-boarding purposes. These marines will range from one platoon to a little more than a company aboard each ship. In a fleet, the marines are under the administrative control of a land-based corps, led by a lieutenant general. An admiralty will usually be under the administrative command of a general, although it is not so much considered a front or a unit, due to the fact that the general is more or less in charge of the shipboard marine corps.

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