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The ZX Clan Air Force (ZXAF), is an organization that was created in 2010, and currently contains one station, which is located in Toronto. The air force is the main airbourne branch of the ZX Clan. It is responsible for the use of the ZX Clan's aircraft. People from the ZXAF are called airmen. The official colours of the ZXAF are blue, light blue, and blue.


The ZXAF is dedicated to protection and defence. The goal and first priority of the ZXAF is to protect allied territory and airspace, mainly against hostile aircraft. The ZXAF is also used for offence, and will work with the other branches of the ZX Clan (namely the army and the marine corps) to provide support. This support includes transport, cover fire, etc. The primary goal of the ZXAF is to keep allied countries' airspace and civialians safe.

Current OperationsEdit

Currently, the ZXAF is uninvolved with any active military engagements, and is focusing on building itself up. Although it was recently deployed in (and still pulling out of) Afghanistan, alongside the Canadian Forces.


In late 2010, the ZX Clan turned into the ZX Clan Marine Corps (ZXMC), and three other branches, the ZXAF, ZXA and ZXN came shortly after, starting with the ZXAF in October of 2010. The first member of the air force was then-PltOff. Marcotte, who was formerly an officer cadet. Currently SqnLdr. Marcotte is in charge of the air force, and commands the First Squadron.

During its early stages of active use, the ZXAF was deployed in Afghanistan (around late 2010 and early 2011), but was pulled out alongside the Canadian Forces during July of 2011.


Fixed WingEdit

MQ-1 Predator UAV unmanned aerial vehicle-General Atomics Aeronautic Systems

CF-18 Hornet fighter -McDonnell Douglas/Boeing Company

B-52 Stratofortress Bomber -Boeing Company

C-130 Hurcules cargo airplane -Lockheed Martin

E-3 Sentry RADAR plane -Boeing Defense, Space and Security

Rotary WingEdit

UH-60L Black Hawk utility helicopter -Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

UH-60Q MEDEVAC medical evacuation helicopter -Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

AH-62 Apache attack helicopter -Boeing Defense, Space and Security

CH-47 Chinook cargo helicopter -Boeing Rotorcraft Systems

Weapons and Other EquipmentEdit

M1911 pistol -John Browning

[Unused] M67 fragmentation grenade -Canadian Forces Land Force Command

Retired CraftEdit


Units and FormationsEdit

First Canadian Air ForceEdit

Royal Ontario Air CommandEdit

No. 1 Station Toronto

No. 1 Tactical Helicopter Squadron "Sky Jabbers"

No. 2 Helicopter Operational Training Squadron

Other UnitsEdit

Auxiliary UnitsEdit


Former UnitsEdit


Senior LeadershipEdit

The commander in chief of the air force, who is located at the ZX Clan Command Heaquarters in Montreal, Québec, is WgCdr. B. Marcotte. In the top brass, there are three representatives per branch, there is the commander in chief, the senior enlisted advisor, and the branch representative. Currently, the only top brass member from the air force is SqnLdr. Marcotte.