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Companies are infantry units used only in the army and the marines. Three rifles companies make one battalion.


Companies typically contain three platoons and a staff. The staff (in a standard rifles company) consists of a commander (major), a second in command (captain/lieutenant), a sergeant major (colour sergeant) and a quartermaster sergeant (staff sergeant).


Rifles companies contain three platoons each, along with a four-man staff. Each platoon is led by a lieutenant or a second lieutenant and numbered within their regiment. The four man staff consists of a commander, a second in command, a sergeant major and a quartermaster sergeant. The commander is usaully a major, while the captain is usually a captain or a lieutenant. The sergeant major is usually a colour sergeant and the quartermaster sergeant is usually a staff sergeant. Companies are typically deployed on missions together, and will breakoff into platoons.

Infantry SupportEdit

Support companies contain the same staff as a standard rifles company (a commanding officer, a second in command, a sergeant major and a quartermaster sergeant). Support companies contain five platoons. These platoons include a mortar platoon, armed with L16 mortars, a machine gun platoon, armed with GAU-2 machine guns, an anti-vehicle platoon, armed with SMAW and FIM-92 launchers, a pioneering platoon, armed with M4 carbines, and a sniper platoon, armed with M82 sniper rifles.

Combat SupportEdit

Combat support companies contain four platoons and a company staff of a commanding officer and a second in command. Each combat support comany contains one headquarters platoon (personnel, supply, intelligence), one medical platoon (unit-level medical care), one support platoon (transportation, signals, mess) and one maintenance platoon (unit-level mechanical maintenance).


There are three rifles platoons per company, four support platoons per combat support company and five weapons platoons per infantry support company. In a battalion, there are three rifles companies (Alpha, Bravo and Charlie) as well as one CSC combat support company and one WSC infantry support company.

ZX Clan UnitsEdit

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