Corporal (abbreviated Cpl) is the third lowest rank in the ZX Army and the fourth lowest in the ZX Marine Corps and Air Force. Corporal is a NATO OR-3 rank in the army, and an OR-4 rank in the marine corps and air force. Corporals are usually charged with leading Delta fireteams (army) or Charlie fireteams (marine corps) or being armour crew chiefs.

Army/Marine Corps RoleEdit


In standard rifles infantry, a corporal will be the second in command of a section and the commander of Delta fireteam from that section in the army. In the marine corps a corporal will usually lead Charlie fireteam and be the commander of their section. Usually, corporals will be the grenadiers within their fireteams and wield an M16A4 assault rifle equipped with an under-slung M203 grenade launcher. Corporals may also be the mortar-man of their platoon and wield an L9A1 as well as an M16.

In support, corporals will wield the team's standard weapon, which would be either a Steyr AUG A3 (scout), a Barrett .50 calibre (sniper), an M16 and a SMAW (anti-tank), an M16 and part of a GAU-2B/A (machine gun), an M16 and part of an M224A1 (mortar), an M16 (mobile artillery), or no actual primary weapon (medical/engineering). In pioneering, a corporal may also be in charge of his or her fireteam's Ford E-350 ambulance or Dodge Sprinter repair truck.

Standardly, corporals will be equipped with the aforementioned primary weapons, as well as a couple of M67 grenades, a couple of M84 flashbangs and an M1911A1 sidearm.


In an armour corps, corporals will either be the commander of a section (marine corps) or be the second in command of a section (army). A corporal will either be the crew chief of his or her own M1A2 Abrams, AN/TWQ-1 Aenger, AVGP Cougar, FV512 Warrior or FV432 Ambulance. In the case of an officer's armoured vehicle, or the sergeant major or quartermaster sergeant's vehicle, a corporal may be the driver, gunner or loader.


In the marine corps, corporals can be instructors in training regiments. In these regiments, corporals are in charge of instructing teams of marines. Each of these teams contain six marines and a corporal instructor. Four of these teams, along with a drill instructor and officer commanding, form a training platoon.

Air Force RoleEdit


Air ForceEdit

French: Caporale (Corporal)

German: Körperstrafen (Corporal)

Italian: Caporale (Corporal)

Irish: Ceannaire (Corporal)


French: Caporale (Corporal)

German: Körperstrafen zweiter Klasse (Corporal Second Class)

Italian: Caporale di seconda classe (Corporal Second Class)

Irish: Ceannaire, amháir réalta (Corporal, One Star)

Marine CorpsEdit

French: Caporale-chef (Chief Corporal)

German: Körperstrafen erstklassige (Corporal First Class)

Italian: Caporale di prima classe (Corporal First Class)

Irish: Ceannaire, dhá réalta (Corporal, Two Star)

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