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Corps (pronounced kɔər singularly, and kɔərz plurarly) is a large independant field unit, which contains multiple divisions, usually from two to six, although it can have more. Corps are the smallest units to use senior staffs. A senior staff will contain lieutenant colonels and colonels, as opposed to a junior staff's captains and majors.


A corps contains any number of divisions above two, although the norm is two to six divisions. Along with these divisions, a corps contains a senior command staff. There are six members to the senior command staff. The commanders are the officer commanding of the corps (a lieutenant general), who has direct control over the corps along with his assistant, the second in command (a major general).

The operations staff contains the signals officer (a lieutenant colonel), who is in charge of all members of the the ZX Signals Corps (ZXSC) within the corps (unit). Next is the intelligence officer (a lieutenant colonel), who is in charge of all intelligence staff in the corps. There is also the medical officer (a colonel) who is in charge of the medical personnel in the corps, there is also the administrative officer (a colonel), who is in charge of administration of the corps, as well as all administrative personnel. Lastly is the operations officer (a brigadier general), who is responsible for planning operations with the officer commanding, second in command and the signaler.


In the army and ground forces of the marine corps, corps are large units used to cover massive areas. They are almost big enough to cover their own front or theatre. In the marine corps, when acting as onboard/anti-boarding security for ships, they will usually cover an entire fleet. When it comes to landing and invasion forces, a corps will cover a massive area, and is big enough to handle its own invasion force.


There are any number of divisions in a corps, though it usually ranges from two to six, and is never less than two. Multiple corps make up a field army. Corps are numbered with Roman numerals (within their military), and are named by their theatrical country. For example, there could be a I Greece Corps, that operates in Greece.

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