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A fleet is a massive formation that is responsible for the control of any number of battle fleets in a specific ocean. Fleets aren't usually used for an altogether engagement, this is job usually left to battle fleets. Fleets contain an immense amount of crew, which is never below one-thousand seamen. Usually there will be more non-capital ships in a fleet than capital ships, though this is mainly due to less capital ships being made than non-capital ships.


A fleet is essentially the administrative control over a given ocean, like the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Southern Ocean. Fleets are led by admirals, and, as they play a somewhat administrative role, can often be confused with battle fleets, which are sometimes called "fleet" for short. Plans for major expansions in the navy (a spacial navy for example) would include fleets becoming designated units (for spacial purposes), and take the role of an admiralty planetside, although this could be a long way off.


A fleet will contain any number of battle fleets, as it controls a specific area of an ocean. Multiple fleets will be contained in an admiralty. Fleets are quite impressive in size and will rarely move into one engagement altogether. Admiralties are in charge of oceans, which contain multiple fleets. There are only three admiralties in the navy, which are named after the oceans that they operate in. There is the Atlantic Admiralty, which operates in the Atlantic and Western Arctic Oceans, the Pacific Admiralty, which operates in the Pacific and Eastern Arctic Oceans, and the Southern Admiralty, which operates in the Indian and Southern Ocean.

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Although the number of divisions in a fleet varies drastically, as there is not necessarily a set number of battle fleets in a fleet. There is technically no name for the unit, which is commonly called a corps, and it is command by a lieutenant general, who is not usually onboard any ships, but on land, as the leader of the fleet's marine administration.

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