Lance Corporal (LCpl) is the third lowest rank in the ZX Marine Corps. Lance corporal is a NATO OR-3 rank, matching the army's corporal. Lance corporals are usually responsible for commanding Delta fireteams and being the second in command of their section.



In the marine corps, a lance corporal is in charge of the Delta fireteam of their section. They are also in charge of said section. In standard rifles infantry, a lance corporal will wield an M16 assault rifle equipped with an M203 grenade launcher. A lance corporal could also be a platoon staff member and wield an M16 (as a signaler) as well as an L9A1 light mortar (mortar-man).

In support, a lance corporal will wield a specific weapon depending on their section. For intelligence platoons, snipers wield M82 sniper rifles, while scouts wield AUG assault carbines. In artillery platoons, all members will wield M16 assault rifles, although a machine gunner will carry part of a GAU-2 gatling gun, a mortar-man will carry part of an M224 medium mortar and an anti-tank rifleman will carry a SMAW rocket launcher. Pioneering lance corporals do not wield legitimate primary weapons.

In all cases (rifles and support) lance corporals will also wield a sidearm (an M1911 pistol) and four grenades (two M67 grenades and two M84 flashbangs).


In armour, lance corporals will be the second in command of a section, and be the crew chief of their tank, wether it be an M1A2 Abrams main battle tank, an AN/TWQ-1 Avenger main anti-air tank or an AVGP Cougar combat support vehicle. Lance corporals may also be crew chiefs (along with corporals) in support vehicles like an FV432 field ambulance or an FV512 Warrior repair vehicle.


French: Caporal (Corporal)

German: Körperstrafen zweiter Klasse (Corporal Second Class)

Italian: Caporale di seconda classe (Corporal Second Class)

Irish: Ceannaire, dhá réalta (Corpora, Two Star)

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