M1911 Pistol
M1911A1 pistol manufactured by Regimngton Rand


Semi-automatic pistol

Place of Origin

Flag of United States
United States


John Browning


M1911 (1911), M1911A1 (1927)


1.105kg (Empty)

Length (Barrel Length)

210mm (127mm)


.45 APC


Short recoil operation

Feed System

Box magazine (7 rounds)

ZX Service History

2010 - present

The M1911 is a single-action, semi-automatic handgun that is magazine-fed and recoil-operated. It was adopted by the ZX Clan in 2011, one hundred years after the gun was originally designed. It is operated as the standard sidearm of the ZX Clan, and is carried by all personnel (officers, airmen, soldiers, marines, seamen, etc.).

Product InformationEdit

The M1911 pistol is a weapon that was designed by John Browning, and originates from the United States. The M1911 was orginally designed in 1911. It has only one other variant, the M1911A1, which was designed in 1927. The current model used by the ZX Clan is the M1911A1.

Technical InformationEdit

The M1911 weighs about a kilogram (two and a half pounds), and is two-hundred-ten millimetres (about eight inches) long. It uses .45 calibre APC ammunition, which is held in seven-round detachable box magazines located in the handle of the weapon. It uses short recoil operation to get new rounds into the chamber, and needs to be cocked when a fresh magazine is inserted.

Service HistoryEdit

Orginially adopted by the ZX Clan in 2010, the M1911A1 is used in all branches of the clan. It is used as sidearms for all ZX Clan members, and as personal defence weapons by officers. This weapon is currently in service and has yet to be used in a war or interveniance.

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