M224 60mm Mortar
Training with an M224 mortar on the ZX training grounds near Kamloops, CA


Medium mortar gun

Place of Origin

Flag of United States
United States










61mm high-explosive, illumination, smoke, infrared illumination mortars

Feed System

Mortar shells

ZX Service History

2011 - present

The M224 is a hand-fed, single shot 60mm medium mortar system. The ZX Clan Army and Marine Corps use these mortars in the infantry support mortar sections.

Product InformationEdit

The M224 originates from the United States. There are two variants of the M224 mortar launcher, the original M224, and the 2011 M224A1. The ZX Clan utilizes the M224A1. The M224 mortar launcher requires four people to operate it. These people include the gunner, who fires and angles the mortar gun, the targeter, who uses special scoping equipment to tell give proper alignment to the gunner, the loader, who loads the mortar, and the crew chief, who directs the mortar team and designates targets.

Technical InformationEdit

The M224 weighs around twenty-one kilograms (forty-seven pounds) when empty and is around one metre (three feet, three inches) long. The M224 uses a variety of hand-fed 60mm mortars. These mortars include high-explosive mortars, smoke mortars, illumination mortars and infrared illumination mortars. The M224 is equipped with a baseplate and an adjustable bipod.

Service HistoryEdit

In 2010, the ZX Clan adopted its current M224A1 mortar cannon. This cannon has never been used by the ZX Clan in a war. The army and marine corps use these mortar cannons for their infantry support mortar sections.

ZX Clan WeaponsEdit

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