M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle
An M27 on display during testing stages


Light Machine Gun

Place of Origin

Flag of Germany


Heckler & Kotch


M27 IAR (2011)


3.6kg (Empty)

Length (Barrel Length)

840mm-940mm (420mm)


5.56x45mm NATO


Gas-operated, rotating bolt

Feed System

Box magazine (30 rounds)

ZX Service History

2011 - present

The M27 IAR is a fully-automatic, magazine-fed light machine gun. The ZX Clan started using it as soon as production started in 2011, during the late testing stages due to a special order from the clan. It is the standard light support weapon for the army and marine corps.

Product InformationEdit

The M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle is a light machine gun designed by Heckler & Kotch that is still technically in its testing stages, although a batch was made specially for the ZX Clan. The only variant is the M27 IAR test variant from 2010, that is expected to be ready for widespread use by 2013. The current test model is the version used by the ZX Clan.

Technical InformationEdit

The M27 IAR is eighty-four centimetres (thirty-three inches) long with its stock fully retracted and ninety-four centimetres (approximately thirty-seven inches) long with its stock fully extended and weighs about three and a half kilograms (eight pounds). The machinegun uses 5.56x45mm rounds held in a thirty-round detachable box-magazine that is placed in a slot below the main portion of the gun, behind the barrel and in front of the handle. The gun is gas-operated and uses a rotating bolt to slide new rounds into the chamber after each shot. The gun is equipped with a folding stock about a decimetre (four inches) long, it also comes equipped with a bipod for better handling.

Service HistoryEdit

The ZX Clan adopted the M27 in pre-production during early 2011. It is used by the army and marine corps infantry corps as the primary light support weapon. The M27 IAR recently entered service and has still not been used in a war.

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