M67 Grenade
An unprimed M67 hand grenade


Fragmentation grenade

Country of Origin

Flag of Canada








Composition B

Filling Weight


Detonation Mechanism

M213 fuse (4 seconds)

ZX Service History

2010 - present

The M67 hand grenade is a lethal fragmentation grenade produced in numerous countries, including Canada. The ZX Clan starting using M67 grenades in 2010, mainly purchasing surplus from the Candian Forces. It is the standard lethal grenade used by the ZXA and the ZXMC.

Product InformationEdit

The M67 fragmentation grenade is a grenade produced and used by many countries. The ZX Clan specifically purchases M67 grenades from Canadian Forces surplus and fresh production.

Technical InformationEdit

The M67 weighs about four-hundred grams (fourteen ounces) empty and five-hundred-eighty grams (twenty and one half ounces) with its one-hundred-eighty gram (six and a half ounce) Composition B filling. The grenade is eighty-eight millimetres (four inches) long and has a diameter of sixty-four millimetres (two and a half inches). The volume of the grenade's filling is about 12867.96mm^3 (19.63 in.^2).

Service HistoryEdit

The ZX Clan uses M67 fragmentation grenades in its army and marine corps infantry corps. The grenades are currently in service, but are yet to be used in a war.

ZX Clan WeaponsEdit

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