Barrett M82 sniper rifle
An M82A1 equipped with an AN/PVS-10 scope


Sniper rifle

Place of Origin

Flag of United States
United States


Ronnie Barrett


M82A1, M82A1A, M82A1M, M82A2, M82A3, M107


14kg (Empty)

Length (Barrel Length)

1450mm (737mm)


12.7x99mm NATO


Recoil-operated, rotating bolt

Feed System

Box magazine (10 rounds)

ZX Service History

2010 - present

The Barrett M82 .50 calibre is a magazine-fed, semi-automatic sniper rifle. It is used by ZX Clan Army and Marine Corps snipers and marksmen.

Product InformationEdit

The M82 sniper rifle was designed by Ronnie Barrett and manufactured by Barrett Firearms Manufacturing in the United States. The M82 was designed in 1980 and began production in 1982. The different variants include the M82A1, the M82A1A, the M82A1M, the M82A2, the M82A3 and the M107. The M82A1 is the current model used by the ZX Clan, despite it being the oldest rendition of the weapon.

Technical InformationEdit

The M82 weighs fourteen kilograms (about forty pounds) and is an impressive one-hundred-forty-five centimetres (fifty-seven inches) long. The M82 uses 12.7x99mm sniper rifle ammo held in ten-round detachable box magazines located under the main portion of the gun, in front of the handle and behind the barrel. The rifle gets new rounds into the chamber for firing using a rotating bolt and recoil operation. The sniper rifle is equipped with a bipod for improved stability as well as an AN/PVS-10 day-night optic scope.

Service HistoryEdit

The ZX Clan adopted the Barrett M82 .50 calibre sniper rifle in 2010, and has used them since. The army and marine corps infantry corps use these rifles as long-range anti-material sniper rifles. They are the standard primary weapons for snipers in the ZX Clan. The M82 has yet to be used in a war.

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