Soldiers on Parade

Regiments are the largest permentant units in the ZX army and marine corps branches. Regiments are large units that contain four battalions and a 'staff', resulting in over one-thousand members within a given regiment.


Regiments contain any number of battalions, usually ranging from one to four, most commonly four, plus a command staff. The staff consists of soley the officer commanding (a colonel), who is in charge of the regiment and the second in command (a lieutenant colonel) who is the officer commanding's assistant, both of whom are attached to the headquarters battalion. As most of the regimental duties (quartermaster, adjutant, etc.) are performed by members within each battalion, there are very little extra members in a regiment.


In training regiments there is any number of companies, and no battalions. The regiment contains the officer commanding (a colonel), the second in command (a lieutenant colonel), the regimental administrative officer (a major), the regimental sergeant major (sergeant major) and the regimental quartermaster sergeant (warrant officer). There are different types of regiments, each contain different types of companies. The regiment types are: basic training regiments, artillery training regiments, armour training regiments, pioneering training regiments, infantry training regiments and medical training regiments.

Basic training regiments contain no specialized companies, and handle the basic training of all army and marine corps recruits. Artillery regiments cover basic artillery training and contain heavy weapons companies (rocket launchers and machine guns), mortar companies and mobile artillery companies. Armoured regiments cover basic assault armour handling (and a bit of pioneering/medical armour handling). Specialization companies include assault companies (main battle tanks), anti-air companies (anti-air tanks) and support companies (combat support vehicles). Pioneering regiments cover basic electrical and mechanical engineering training. Pioneering specialization companies include infantry engineering companies and armoured engineering companies. Medical regiments, which cover medical training, have field medical companies and armoured medical companies. Infantry regiments cover advanced infantry training, and do not have specialization companies.


Regiments are composed of one to four battalions. Regiments are the largest permentant units and, as such, do not compose any units. Their battalions, however, compose temporary brigades. Brigades are named by city and type (example: Sherbrooke Fusiliers). The types contain fusiliers (infantry), cavaliers (armour) and dragoons (also armour. In a regiment, there is usually the headquarters battalion (which the OC and the 2iC are attached to), up to two other rifles or armoured battalions, as well as a reserve battalion.

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