Fighter Flight
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Sections are small two-aircraft teams that make up air force flights. The number of personnel in an aircraft section ranges from two to eight pilots, depending on the aircraft.



Fighter sections consist of two CF-18 Hornets (each piloted by one pilot). The only two memebers of the section are the two pilots. One is typically a pilot officer, sometimes a flying officer, while the second (an arbitrary commander) is either a flying officer, a flight lieutenant (also in charge of his flight) or a squadron leader (also in charge of his squadron).


Bomber sections consist of two B-1 Lancers, with four pilots on each. This makes a total of eight pilots. The commander of each craft is usually a flying officer (or flight lieutenant or squadron leader), while the others are usually all pilot officers or flying officers.


When deployed on their own, fighter sections will usually be used for patrol or interception purposes. When in dogfights, sections will usually split off from the main group and use team-oriented tactics to take out enemy fighters. As far as utility helicopters go, they will usually be deployed to deliver a platoon of soldiers or marines. Attack helicopters will be deployed in sections to provide air support to larger battles (usually only one will go to one place). Similiarly, cargo helicopters will be deployed most commonly one at a time, to deliver one or two platoons, while a section will be used to deliver an entire company. Bombers are deployed together, usually in flights or squadrons for bombing runs, and will break off to cover an entire area with better results, or they will be deployed as sections to bomb smaller areas. Cargo planes usually fly in sections to deliver large amounts of cargo, or a supplies and personnel for a certain unit.


There are two aircraft (two to ten airmen) per section, and two sections per flight. Sections are usually commanded by flight sergeant, warrant officers, pilot officers or flying officers, and assistant commander is usually a corporal or a sergeant. Sections are designated as section one or two within their flight.



1-3 Aircraftmen/Leading Aircraftmen/Senior Aircraftmen/Corporal/Sergeant

1 Flight Sergeant/Warrant Officer/Pilot Officer/Flying Officer


4-8 Aircraftmen/Leading Aircraftmen/Senior Aircraftmen

1 Corporal/Sergeant

1 Warrant Officer/Pilot Officer/Flying Officer

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