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A tactial air force is a massive temporary unit, containing anywhere from one-hundred-ninety-two to one-thousand-twenty-four aircraft. They are extremely large and contain two to four groups, as well as a small command staff.


A tactical air force contains two to four groups and a command staff. The command staff consists of a commander (air marshal or air chief marshal, rarely an air force chief marshal), a second in command (air vice marshal, rarely an air marshal), an administrative officer and a medical officer (air commodores), an intelligence officer and a signals officer (group captains), and a quartermaster (master warrant officer or chief warrant officer).


A tactical air force's role is to be an administration to an exremely large theatre, and is only ever used in war times due to its massive size.


A tactical air force will usually contain two to four groups, and will rarely exceed that limit. A tactical air force is the largest permanent unit, and is usually led by an air marshal or air chief marshal. Although, if in an extremely large theatre during war times, it may be led by an air force chief marshal. Tactical air forces are numbered within their branch.


2-4 Groups (96 to 256 aircraft)

1 Master Warrant Officer/Chief Warrant Officer

2 Group Captains

2 Air Commodores

1 Air Vice Marshal/Air Marshal

1 Air Marshal/Air Chief Marshal/Air Force Chief Marshal

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