ZX Training Vessel (MM-710)

A task element is the word used to describe a specific vessel as a unit. A task element is essentially a one-vessel unit, rather than the vessel itself, however. The size (population-wise) of a task element varies drastically.


A task element contains one vessel, and its crew. The commander will vary depending on the type of vessel used. The commander of a vessel varies depending on the size. Frigates, submarines, corvettes and destroyers are led by commanders, while cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers are typically led by captains. Smaller vessels, like minesweepers are typically led by lieutenant commanders, and smaller patrol boats and gunboats are led by lieutenants and sub-lieutenants. As such, a task element may be led by a sub-lieutenant, lieutenant, lieutenant commander, commander or captain. Minesweepers, patrol boats and gunboats are examples of ships that are not included in the naval vessel organization scheme.


Task elements are the main composition of flotillas and squadrons. Small ships (led by commanders) are part of flotillas, and larger ships, also known as capital ships, (led by captains) are part of squadrons.

Marine CompanyEdit

Usually, a task element will sport a marine company (not necessarily an actual company, though) and the size will generally vary from ship to ship. Usually the amount of marines aboard a ship will be anywhere from from one platoon to a little more than a company, rarely two.

ZX Clan Naval UnitsEdit